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Founded and led by CEO CJ Jones, SignWorld Studios is a Hollywood-based production company devoted to developing diversity-rich content to entertain the world. We provide opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing artists, technicians and filmmakers to create work, produce work, and share the same aspirations and goals as industry peers.


Our productions bring authentic, diverse, and inclusive stories to life through original feature films, streaming series, animation, documentaries, screenplays, and app development.



SignLight is our nonprofit training program taught by our experienced professionals who are also deaf or hard of hearing using sign language. Our prestigious and rigorous boot camps are designed and accessible for aspiring Artists, Technicians, and Filmmakers ready to enhance their skills for career development and advancement, employment opportunities, etc.



We are committed to full accessibility for

the sign language community, which includes deaf and hard-of-hearing talents. To produce untold stories that will be entertaining, impactful for all inclusive, and diverse in scope.



We offer extensively accessible, authentic consulting services and user-friendly resources for the many facets of the entertainment and media industries looking to accomplish the goal of all-inclusion for the above-the-line and below-the-line production and to hire Directors of American Sign Language (DASL). Our new Interpreting Branch will provide qualified, nationally certified, and on-set experienced Interpreters to facilitate elegant and beneficial solutions in assisting to create a seamless Deaf and Hearing friendly working environment within the entertainment industry.

Consulting Services and Resources
Our Team


The SignWorld Studios executive team work together to develop industry relationships, opportunities, and media and film productions that support the involvement of the skills and stories of deaf and hard-of-hearing talent and technicians. 

Our Clients
  • SignWorld Studios' consulting services give entertainment, media and advertising companies the ability to hire Directors of ASL, and create, develop, and portray authentic deaf and hard-of-hearing characters on-script, on-screen, enrich content, support above-and below-the-line hiring, and facilitate seamless communication on-set, in post, and in the office.

  • We produce resources used by filmmakers and studios who are interested in working with deaf and hard-of-hearing talent and technicians.  We offer training, one-on-one consulting and guidance for working with talent, onboarding services, mini-communication workshops, and workplace design of effective workflows that successfully include deaf and hard-of-hearing members of your team.

  • If you are searching for deaf and hard-of-hearing talent, we look forward to bringing you information on available actors, directors, writers, cinematographers, and directors of ASL.     If you need assistance finding talent now, please contact us directly.

  • If you are an aspiring deaf or hard-of-hearing artist, technician, or filmmaker, looking for Professional Skill Development, Networking, or On-the-Job Opportunities, visit us at!


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